XYZ: Develop awareness and educative devices about gender discrimination (Rennes, França)

Recorda que cal ser soci/a d’Adalet per participar en un projecte: pots fer-te’n fent clic aquí. Al fer-se soci/a es paga una quota vitalícia i única de 25 euros. Recorda també que els costos de transport fins a 170 euros per… Continue Reading →

The “Gender Positive” training experience has ended: “We feel honest in saying that what happened there was a revolution”

The following text has been written by the participants of the “Gender Positive” project, which has taken place in Slovenia from the 10th to the 17th November 2015. Monica, Daniel and Bogdan have been our representatives in this international experience,… Continue Reading →

Improving LGBT tourist & travel experiences

Young Slovenian Janja Koprivec is conducting research on the socio-demographic and economic profile of LGBT tourists and their travel habits. The Adalet Project fully supports all research aimed to improving inclusiveness in everyday life, and therefore would like to invite… Continue Reading →

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